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I phirst heard about Phish in 1995. At that time they were virtually unknown in England where I live. That year I had the luck to go to America twice, once in June and once in October. On my first trip I went to New York and managed to get a free weekend. I looked around to see what I could do and was devastated to find out the Dead were playing the night I went home (and so I missed my last chance to see them) and worse still Dylan was the support act!!! In the adverts for up and coming gigs were several large ones for a band called Phish. The shows were the following week so I couldn't go but the name stuck in my mind. I actually ended up going to see G-Love and Special Sauce at Summerstage in Central Park.

When I got home and after the trauma of Jerry's death I started seeing references to Phish on Section 7 of Compuserve. So when I went back to America I bought my phirst album in Columbus Ohio. Standing at the racks not knowing the music I decided to play it safe and buy "A Live One" - an excellent choice as it turned out.

My first Phish album

When I opened the booklet that came with the disc I exclaimed "hey the drummer's wearing a dress, this looks like my kind of band!!" and they were. trying to find their discs in the UK was difficult but thankfully the net was just getting up to speed and I bought them from places like CD-Now and Phish Dry Goods. Eventually I managed to track them all down.

The one night I was sitting at home, half watching TV half reading Q Magazine when I glanced at the gigs page and saw there an entry for Phish at the Shepherds Bush Empire on 11th July. I jumped up and rang the 24 hour ticket line and booked a ticket there and then. I wasn't sure if I would be the only one there or it would be sold out but at least I would get to see them. In the end it was a great night with all the trappings of an American Jam band scene including "miracle" seekers with their fingers in the air. I also found out that they were playing at the Melkweg in Amsterdam the following night and kicked myself for not knowing that.

I got to see the band 7 more times the following year, almost all in really small venues. I saw them them 3 times on the 1997 Spring Tour of Europe. I was even lucky enough to meet the band in Brussels - for the full story click the link in the previous sentence. Phish toured Europe again in the summer of 1997 and I saw them at the Royal Albert Hall, Glastonbury and twice in Amsterdam. I'm sure they'll be touring again soon so keep checking the Phish homepage. Unfortunately when they toured Europe in 1998 they played in rather far flung areas such as Barcelona, Copenhagen and Prague and I was unable to go. Sadly that was the last tour and now that the band have split up I guess that's it. Still check out the tour stories and enjoy the music and the memories!

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