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Music was my first love and it will be my last,
Music of the future and music of the past

I have no idea where my love for music came from - although I grew up in the 60's my parents weren't really that interested in music. I remember the radio being on but even so I don't remember hearing of the Beatles until around 1972! My first musical tastes were eclectic to say the least (well ok they still are!) and my first loves were George Formby and Military Brass Bands!

The first pop singles I bought were "Two little boys" by Rolf Harris (who I would get to see singing it years later!) and "Merry Christmas Everybody" by Slade. However my first musical love were Mud who I went to see at the Theatre Royal in Newcastle in 1975. This was to be the first of many many concerts I would go to over the years.

My musical education came from many places, friends and their older siblings (Keith Marshall and Mike Welbrock spring to mind), Friday night at the Mayfair in Sunderland, Radio shows such as Tommy Vance's Friday night Rock show, Keep on Trucking on Metro Radio and more importantly Bedrock on BBC Newcastle. I listened to lots of music and followed leads - Hendrix lead me to Dylan, Steve Hillage to Gong etc.

In the early days I felt I had missed out on so much - Hendrix and Morrison had both died while I was at Junior school - but looking back over 30 odd years I haven't done too badly and seen so many great acts and been to some great shows. As time permits I'll continue to add stuff here about the music and artists that I've liked and seen over the years (and in the years to come hopefully). Keep popping back to see what's changed or if you can't wait check out the Blog I'm writing my rough drafts in. If any of the links on the site don't work it's because I haven't updated and uploaded the pages yet so please be patient.

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DISCLAIMER: Anything that appears in these pages appears here because of my love of music. No commercial gain is made from the use of any material on these pages however if anyone objects to the use of their material then please e-mail me.

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