What a long strange trip it's been

me with tie-dye and tattoo

Sometimes the lights all shining on me

So I already told you I was obsessed with the Dead and now here is the proof. The picture above shows me wearing a tie-dye Dead shirt and showing off my tattoo. The picture to the left is a close up of the tattoo. i had it done at Medway Tattoo - I took in the cover of Steal your Face and he did it from that. When I went in he said "Oh wow I always wanted to do a Deadhead tattoo!"

If you were on Chris Jones' eurotraders Ratdog photos vine you will already have seen a picture of it taken at the Astoria!!

Just don't tell my Dad!!

Out on the road today I saw a Deadhead sticker...

Old car New car
You know just like in the Don Henley song!! The stickers were given to me by the guy who runs the tie-dye stall at Glastonbury Festival after he dragged me out the back to show me the Deadhead sticker on his merc!! He gave me 4 so I'll be alright for a few years to come yet!

You hand in your ticket and you go watch the geek

Tickets - left is my ticket from the only time I got to see the Dead at Wembley on Halloween 1990. Top right is from the day I met and shook the hand of the man who played mandolin on Ripple! Dave Grisman turned up at the showing of Grateful Dawg I went to and I got to meet him afterwards. Bottom right is the ticket from when I went to see Ratdog.

And I showed him a picture of you

Hey I took that

Hey I took that - a picture of Bob Wier in Amsterdam touring with Ratdog in 2002. The nearest I ever got to a member of the Dead in real life!! Shortly before the picture was taken he banged his head getting out of the bus. He wandered off saying "Gotta go to work guys, gotta go to work"

So let's get on with the show

Collection of Dead shows Computer and pile of unlistened to shows!

My Dead CD collection. the Dead have always allowed people to tape their shows and trade the tapes freely. I started collectioning 3 years ago and as you can see I have a largish collection. I have a mission to collect every Dark Star recording in existance and I'm over half way! To see my trading list click here.

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