Summer of Love 2010 Friday Set Lists


Time of my Life
Child of the living Jesus
My Mistake
She came from nowhere
Tequila Sunrise
Time is Money
Live again
Circus number 2
Year of the cat
Little mysteries
In words
Mighty River
Writing on the Wall
You're the one

The Higher State The Higher State

Song Of The Autumn
Automatic Motion
Darker By The Day
From 'Round Here
(Wandering Thru) Fields Of Green
Do You See Me?
You I'll Be Following (Love cover)
Clear Motive
Know That You Know
Don't Think I'm Lost
And In Time
Smell Of Incense (The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band cover)
Song Of The Autumn

Nigel Mazlyn Jones

Let the sun shine on
It takes two to make it
Here is the news
Behind the Stones
Fools of the finest degree
Ship to shore

Nigel Mazlyn Jones
Barry Melton Barry Melton & It's a Beautiful Day

In the Pines
I Got Love
30 Days
Bill Giles Intro
Jesse James *
Who makes the moves
Mojo Navigator
David & Linda Intro
Soul Shake **
Don't Do me **
Hot Summer Day **
The Girl with no eyes**
White Bird **
Time is **

* With Bill Giles from Deadicace on keyboards
** With David la Flamme on vocals and Violin & Linda La Flamme on vocals

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