...this festival is like a dream come true...

What can I say?.

While the sun smiles, stick around and laugh a while

Saturday: Luckily we woke up before the alarm went off to save the embarrassment! We set off to the backstage compound and finally found the BBC people. We did our interview with Attilla the Stockbroker in front of the main stage and it was all over in 10 minutes. For more pictures and sound from the interview click here. Afterwards we had some breakfast and went back to the tent for a while. It was still raining on and off so we listened to Sharon Shannon and Jools Holland. Jools kept saying "Sing along with this and get rid of the rain" but every time he did it would get heavier!!On the telly!
Courtesy of the BBC

Val decided that she would stay at the tent for a while and I wandered off to meet up with my brother at the Cider bus. I wandered across the arena during Meredith Brooks and met up with them just after her set. My shorts were a source of amusement to them till I pointed out that at least they weren't trailing in the mud like their trousers were. After that my brothers friend David even went and put his shorts on. We drank some cider, well lots actually, and went to see the newly reformed Hothouse flowers.

The band played a really good set during which the weather couldn't make it's mind up. One minute the sun would be trying to get out the next minute it was raining so hard that we couldn't even face the stage.

It's raining again

Dancing David My friends pulled out their waterproofs but I just had to stand there and get wet - something I would regret later! As soon as the band started to play "Don't go" the sun smiled - Eat your heart out Jools! - so we stuck around and laughed a while. We danced in the mud and had a jolly good time - this is what festivals are all about. Afterwards I left my brother and his friends and went back to the tent to get Val in time for Tori Amos.
F*ck the mud - Let's danceBack at the tent I poured myself another beer which I immediately knocked over and spilt. I opened the tent and poured another which survived. We set off back to the area in front of the stage. I've wanted to see Tori Amos for a long time and to be honest I was so drunk I don't remember a lot about it. I remember she played Crucify and I saw Dylan's Pants ! I also remember needing to go to the toilet and deciding the toilets were too far and making the field even wetter.My David Seaman !
Picture from TV coverage

After Tori Amos all is quite a blur, we parted company with my brother and as it turned out didn't see him again that weekend. I think we went to get something to eat as I remember being in a queue near the Cider bus when the rainbow appeared. It was a lovely rainbow and a full one too, stretched over the whole site - A perfect moment. I know we saw a bit of Mansun on our way back to our tent and we were at the tent when we were supposed to meet my brother before Robbie Williams. I remember Robbie coming on and saying "Hello I'm Robbie Williams...you must be Glastonbury....and I...am shitting myself!!".

Some more mud!

Where do the toilets start? It's not like Sainsburys is it?

I think I passed out half way through Robbies set and when I awoke I was cold, very cold - shivering with a mild case of hypothermia! I needed to get into my sleeping bag but Val wouldn't let me "not with all that mud on your legs". So I crawled inside the tent wrapped my top half in my sleeping bag while Val scraped all the mud off with Baby wipes. Once I was clean I was allowed into the sleeping bag where I stayed for most of the evening. I remember Tricky and Blur. Blur were good but not as good as what we were doing ;-)

Stages of Mud

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