Hi there and welcome to my website - it's been here, in one form or another since 1995!

Back in 2009 as the recession bit I had to cancel my web hosting and I built my own webserver out of an old computer and based it in my shed! It worked for about 5 years hosting all 3 of my websites on it. In 2014 we'd had enough of living in the South East and we decided to move back to the North East which we did in the August. Shortly before we moved I had to take my server off line because of constant DoS attacks from hackers. After we moved I decided to go with a hosting company again and now my websites are finally back online. There may be the odd glitch or dodgy image/link here and there but I will try and get them sorted out. The other two domains are "The Shed on the Web" and "The Geraghty-Shewan website" - both are under construction apart from the blogs. The Shed on the Web is going to be about music and the Geraghty-Shewan one is our family website.

So what's here? Well firstly there is my blog and also the archives of the blogs I used to have before I started the one on this site. Then of course there is my music section with the pages about Glastonbury, Led Zeppelin at Knebworth, The Grateful Dead and Ratdog amongst others. Then there is the new section that started me off using my website again (and having to remember my HTML skills!)

In 2007 I helped organize, along with some friends, a small festival down in Kent. It was called RETurn to the Summer of Love and was meant to be a one off party to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the original Summer of Love in 1967. It was such a success that it is now in it's 9th year but sadly it looks like 2016 will be the final year. So check it out either on my pages or on the official website.

So that's it for now and hopefully when I say check back often for more updates I will actually mean it this time! I've had the website for 15 years and it's probably time I used it more. I will be adding more of my photographs here over time and hopefully using some of that huge archive of music items I've got stashed to create more interesting pages. Oh and a final word of warning - I've hidden the links so you will have to seek them out by hovering over the words!!


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